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About Nicolai E. Birch

Welcome to my website, where I share my portfolio and professional interests. Here, you’ll find my dedication to digital strategic growth, along with my experience in business development. 

A coffee cup on Nicolai Errebo Birch's desk, symbolizing creative energy in UX design.
Nicolai Errebo Birch's workspace with a computer screen and keyboard, the hub of UX design innovation.
Apple Pencil, a key tool in sketching UX design concepts.
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“Welcome to my professional world, I’m Nicolai Errebo Birch, where an interest in business development meets a commitment to creating meaningful strategies. As a dedicated Business Developer, my journey is all about blending creativity with functionality, ensuring that each project is not only strategically sound but also resonates with its market.”  

My Professional Journey & Academic Path

Work Experience - Professional Milestones

Birch Consulting

Owner & Consultant 

Sep. 2023 – Ongoing 


IT Project Manager 

May 2022 – Sep. 2023

Fauna ApS

Co-Founder & now Passive Owner 

Aug. 2019 – Jan. 2023 


SEO Specialist (Information Architect) 

Apr. 2018 – Jul. 2019 

Education - Academic Achievements

Certified SAFe® 5 Scrum Master

Scaled Agile, Inc. 

Jun. 2022

Master of Science in IT, Communication & Organisation

Aarhus University (BSS) 

Sep. 2020 – Jul. 2022

Bachelor of E-commerce Management

Business Academy Aarhus (EAA) 

Jan. 2018 – Jan. 2020 

Supplementary Courses in Programming, IT Security, and Database

Business Academy Aarhus (EAA) 

Jan. 2018 – Jun. 2018 



Welcome to my website. I’m Nicolai Errebo Birch, interested in combining business development with digital transformation. I aim to foster positive and lasting change through strategic improvements. Inspired by the foundational values of industry pioneers, my approach is rooted in professionalism, ethical integrity, and a commitment to digital solutions. 

I strive to drive distinctive and substantial advancements, using my knowledge to focus on impactful and sustainable growth. In this journey, I value collaboration, continuous learning, and the power of diverse perspectives. I’m dedicated to creating strategies that resonate with their intended audience, ensuring not just for positive outcomes but for meaningful progress.  

How can I help you?

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