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Welcome to my portfolio. Within this website, you’ll find a selection of projects in business development that I’ve contributed to. In this space, I merge innovative strategies with user-centric design principles to forge compelling and intuitive business solutions.
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Business Development and UX Design: My Portfolio

Healthcare Solution 

Healthcare Solution for Pet Owners and Veterinarians

Visit this page to see how our app provides a healthcare solution designed for both pet owners and veterinarians. It’s our way of simplifying pet health management through innovative technology. 

Business Developer 

Exploration of Mobile UX in Business Development

This article explores Mobile App UX Design, highlighting how to make apps user-friendly and engaging by understanding user behavior, ensuring ease of use, and applying techniques like intuitive navigation and responsive design for better functionality. 

UX Ecommerce 

Enhancing E-commerce with a Human-Centered Approach

This article covers UX design for e-commerce, focusing on its importance for sales and satisfaction. It discusses designing intuitive interfaces for a seamless shopping experience, stressing the need to understand user behavior for effective, attractive platforms. 

Simplified Solutions 

Embracing Simplicity in Business and Design

This article explores minimalist design for ‘Simple Websites,’ focusing on user-centric functionality and aesthetic simplicity. It highlights how less can be more in web design, balancing visual elegance with usability for users and businesses. 

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Upcoming Projects 

Upcoming: My Next Business Development Venture

I look forward to sharing my upcoming projects that sit at the intersection of UX design and business development. These new endeavors aim to reflect a continual journey of learning and a dedication to creating enhanced user experiences within the ever-evolving business landscape.

Navigating the Design Thinking Process

Number 1 representing the Empathize phase in Design Thinking, a crucial step for UX Architects and UX Designers.


Beginning with empathy, I immerse myself in the user’s world, seeking to understand their experiences and perspectives.
Number 2 symbolizing the Define phase in Design Thinking, an essential stage for UX Architects and UX Designers.


In the define phase, I distill insights into clear, actionable problem statements, setting the stage for targeted solutions.
Number 3 denoting the Ideate phase in Design Thinking, a creative process for UX Architects and UX Designers.


Here, creativity takes center stage as I explore a wide array of innovative solutions, thinking beyond the conventional.
Number 4 illustrating the Prototype phase in Design Thinking, a hands-on stage for UX Architects and UX Designers.


Turning ideas into tangible prototypes, I experiment with different mockups & designs to see how they resonate with users.
Number 5 representing the Test phase in Design Thinking, an evaluation phase for UX Architects and UX Designers.


In the testing phase, I refine and iterate, using feedback to polish the solution, ensuring it meets user needs effectively.


User Research from a Business Developer's Viewpoint

In the practice of user research, I adopt a methodical approach, emphasizing an in-depth understanding of user needs and behaviors. Utilizing established techniques such as user interviews, surveys, and usability testing, I seek to compile comprehensive insights. This disciplined research process is pivotal in informing the design and ensuring that each solution developed is in true alignment with user expectations, thereby laying a solid and principled foundation for all projects undertaken. 

User Insight


Crafting Interactive Prototypes

The creation of interactive prototypes in my work is approached with a focus on precision and user interaction. Each prototype is meticulously designed to test and refine functionality, ensuring the final design meets our high standards for aesthetics and user experience. Through an iterative process grounded in classical refinement techniques, the designs I develop aim to achieve the pinnacle of both form and function. 



Structuring Information Architecture

My expertise in information architecture is applied with a focus on meticulous organization and logical structure. The objective is to create digital experiences that are intuitive and accessible, with a clear emphasis on developing straightforward navigation pathways and categorization. This systematic planning is crucial in crafting a user experience that is coherent, reducing complexity, and enhancing the effectiveness of the digital product. 



Creating Responsive Web Designs

Acknowledging the necessity of responsive web design in our multi-device reality, I ensure that my designs provide consistency and optimal user experience across all platforms. Adherence to best practices and the application of the latest technologies are paramount in my work, ensuring that adaptability and functionality remain at the forefront of all designs, thereby guaranteeing accessibility regardless of the device. 

Adaptive UI


Strategic Consulting by a Business Developer

As a Business Developer specializing in UX, my consultancy embodies a strategic and measured approach. I concentrate on synchronizing design initiatives with both commercial objectives and user requisites. My services extend to conducting comprehensive UX audits, formulating robust UX strategies, and delivering substantive recommendations to elevate existing digital platforms. 


A sketchpad with a pencil showcasing wireframes for modern digital prototypes, a key element in the work of Business Developer and UX Designers.

Classic Design Principles Enriched by Innovative Thinking from a Business Development Perspective

As a practitioner with a background in IT, Communication, and Organization, my focus is steadfastly on balancing minimalism and functionality, ensuring designs are both intuitive and elegantly unassuming.

Starting as a Business Developer, I combine design and business innovation. My projects mix visual clarity with performance, focusing on user-friendly solutions that meet business goals. Discover my approach here

Master of Science (MSc) 

in Information Technology - IT, Communication & Organisation

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